ColdFusion Consulting Services

Pete Freitag is the principal ColdFusion consultant for Foundeo Inc. He has been working with ColdFusion for over 18 years, and is activly involved in the ColdFusion community.

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CFML Source Code Security Reviews & Audits

Using a combination of propriatary tools & years of experience we review your CFML source code to locate security vulnerabilities. When the review is finished we send you a report detailing the issues found with the file paths and line numbers.

10 Hour Review

A brief and focused review of critical areas of your application.

20 Hour Review

A CFML code review focused on critical areas such as file access, remote code execution and SQL Injection.

40 Hour Review

A more indepth look at your code base, focused on critical areas of your application.

Full Review

A full blown & highly detailed CFML security code audit will take more than 40 hours.

CFML Security Training

Foundeo Inc. has tought numberous CFML Security Training classes both onsite and remotely. Classes are typically a full day CFML developer security training class with an optional second day to cover server administration or any other questions.

ColdFusion Security Training

Additional ColdFusion Consulting Services

Custom ColdFusion Web Application Development Secure ColdFusion Server Installations ColdFusion Performance Analysis ColdFusion Troubleshooting ColdFusion Security Hotfix Installation ColdFusion & Java (J2EE/JEE) Integration ColdFusion Powered Mobile Apps (HTML5, iOS, Android, etc)