ColdFusion Security Training
Writing Secure CFML

Live Online Training We do not have a class scheduled right now, however you can signup to be notified when our next live online ColdFusion Security training class dates have been published.

On Demand Training
Video recordings from a previous ColdFusion Security Training class (held in December 2023) can be purchased.

What Students Are Saying...

"Pete Freitag is the ultimate security expert for ColdFusion/CFMl, and this course should be required training for all ColdFusion developers. Whether you have used CFML for 20+ years, or if you are starting out, this course will give you valuable takeaways as it covers a comprehensive range of security issues, and solutions for those issues. I loved the format, hands on practical examples where you implement the solution. I cannot recommend this course highly enough."
-- Gavin Pickin
"If you are a developer or manager and you are looking to upgrade security knowledge and skills. Then you must attend Pete Freitag's security or webinar classes. I attended his class in Washington DC and when I returned I immediately put what I learned to work to secure my application."
-- George Murphy
"Pete’s security workshop was the perfect amount of real-world scenarios to look out for, and quality information about how to prevent such issues. He covered everything from basic best practices like blocking SQL injection and cross-site scripting, to more esoteric yet equally important tricks! This is a quality workshop well worth your time — drink coffee first and takes lots of notes!"
-- Nolan Erck

ColdFusion Security Training Course Outline

The course covers a wide range of vulnerabilities that CFML web developers should be aware of. For each vulnerability the students will learn about it, attempt to exploit it, and last but certainly not least fix or mitigate the vulnerability.

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