ATOM / RSS Feed Parser for ColdFusion

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Working with RSS or ATOM feeds in ColdFusion couldn't be simpler with the Foundeo Feed Parser UDF Library for ColdFusion. Just pass in a feed url, and get back a query.

The feed parser can take a valid RSS 0.9, RSS/RDF 1.0, RSS 2.0, and ATOM 1.0 feed url, and return a query. The format of the query is the same for all feed formats.

Easy to use

<cfinclude template="feedparser.cfm">
<cfset feed = parseFeed("")>
  <cfoutput query="feed">
    <li><a href="">#feed.title#</a></li>

Built in Caching

Cache the RSS feed in memory for high performance in just two extra characters:

<cfset feed = parseFeed(feedURL, 2)>

Simply pass in the number of hours you would like to cache the feed for into the second argument of the parseFeed function.

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Try it for yourself

download Download it and try it free. The demo is fully functional, however it appends the word *TRIAL* to the feed titles

System Requirements: CF 6 or greater

Buy it

The ColdFusion ATOM & RSS Feed Parser UDF's are available in three purchasing options.

ColdFusion Feed Parser Encrypted

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ColdFusion Feed Parser with full source code

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ColdFusion Feed Parser Unlimited Use License

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The unlimited use license allows you to install it on as many sites and servers as you need to. This license does not allow you to resell the component. This package includes the encrypted version.

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