Component yahoolocal (Yahoo Local Search API Component)

Search Yellow Page listings using Yahoo Local API. Get back information about businesses.

methods: localSearch, setAppID
* - private method

query localSearch ( string query="", string location="", numeric results="10", numeric start="1" )

Search for businesses in a specified locale. Returns a query with the following columns: id, title, address, city, state, phone, lat, long, average_rating, total_ratings, total_reviews, last_review_date, last_review,distance, url, click_url, map_url, business_url, business_click_url, categories

Output: enabled
   query: string, optional, query - The keyword to search for
   location: string, optional, location - The location, could be city, state, or zip
   results: numeric, optional, results - The number of results to return per request Max is 20.
   start: numeric, optional, start - The result number to start at.

void setAppID ( required string appid )

sets your yahoo developer app id

Output: supressed
   appid: string, required, appid