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fusionKit is a collection of Web 2.0 Components (CFC's) and Functions (UDF's) for Adobe ColdFusion.

A Baker's Dozen of Web 2.0 Goodies:

Bayes Filter CFC

Put some Artificial Intelligence into your next App!

This CFC performs a Bayesian Analysis on text to classify it as spam or interesting. After it learns what is spam, and what is not it can start to classify text automatically.

Works Great for blocking comment spam! View CFC Documentation

We could easily charge $99 for this CFC alone, but we didn't think you would mind getting the rest of these components as well...

Bloglines CFC

Write ColdFusion applications that interact with the bloglines API using this Component. You can read blog entries, view your subscriptions, or check number of unread blog entries. View CFC Documentation

del.icio.us CFC

You can add or edit bookmarks, get tag listings, grab the del.icio.us/popular list, get any del.icio.us users bookmarks, and more. Returns data in a ColdFusion Query object for ease of use! View CFC Documentation


Perform DNS queries using 100% pure CFML. This component uses the standard java api to perform dns queries - this means there is nothing to install, no cfx tags, jar files, just use the CFC.

You can perform several types of DNS queries (TXT, A, CNAME, NS, etc). View CFC Documentation.

FeedParser UDF

We are including a full version of the Foundeo RSS Feed Parser (a $49 value) on this CD for your enjoyment.

Give it a RSS Feed, or ATOM Feed URL, and it will serve you a ColdFusion Query Object containing the feed items. Includes built-in caching!

Image Resize UDF

Why not throw in a copy of the Foundeo Image Resize UDF (a $29 value)? We couldn't think of a good reason not to.

This UDF is written using the builtin java API's so, there are no cfx tags, or jar files to install, just cfinclude the library and call the resizeImage function. Supports conditional image resizing to maintain aspect ratio as well.

Indeed CFC

Use the very component that powers Job Maps to connect to the indeed job search engine.

The CFC allows you to search for jobs, and returns results in a ColdFusion query object. View API Documentation

MyTop for ColdFusion

MyTop for ColdFusion allows you to see a birds eye view of a MySQL Database server. Simply point to a mysql datasource, and you will have a live update of queries per second, bandwidth, slow queries, disk I/O, a list of executing queries, uptime, and more.

Textile UDF

Textile is a simple markup language for plain text. For instance to *make something bold* just put asterix around it.

It is much easier for content creators to use and learn than HTML. This Textile UDF is currently available as a free download on our site, but we threw it on the CD for your convenience.

Tagging CFC

Adding tags to a web application can involve quite a bit of code. We went ahead and built a component that can save you from having to build your own tag cloud, and tag CRUD operations. It can even find related items based on mutual tags.

This CFC was designed to allow you to easily add tags to an existing database table. So if you have a products table, you simply create a product_tags table, and use this CFC.

View CFC Documentation

Buy just the tagging component for $20 Add Tagging Component

US States CFC

This CFC makes it easy to work with US states. It can generate a select/option list of states (with a given state selected), given a two letter abbreviation return the full state name, or provide validation. This CFC is all about saving your time, and making it easy to work with states. View Documentation.

Validation CFC

The validation CFC provides several methods for validating text formats of phone numbers, dates, email addresses, integers, url's, social security numbers, and more. View Documentation.

The CFC also has a method called autoValidate that will automatically validate form and url fields based on their name. So for instance if your form has field names (email, phone_number, phone2, fax, zip) each field will be checked with the proper validator.

Yahoo! Local CFC

This CFC allows you to search using the Yahoo! Local API. Simply pass in a keyword and a location, and get back a query of results. View CFC Documentation.

Yahoo! Search CFC

Build your own search this site or web search using the Yahoo! Search API. Results are returned in a ColdFusion Query Object. Also includes support for the term extraction API. View Documentation

Holy Smokes! Only $99 for all that?

Please note, fusionKit is only available as a digital download at this time.

fusionkit cd jewel case
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