Component yahoosearch (Yahoo Search API Component)

The Yahoo Search API Methods - Term Extraction, and Web Search.

methods: search, setAppID, termExtraction

search ( required string query, start="1", results="10", sites="" )

Searchs the web and returns a query of results

Output: supressed
   query: string, required, query - the search term
   start: any, optional, start - the result number to start at
   results: any, optional, results - number of results to return
   sites: any, optional, sites - comma seperated list of domains to search (up to 30)

void setAppID ( required string appid )

sets your yahoo developer app id

Output: supressed
   appid: string, required, appid

string termExtraction ( required string context, string query="" )

The Term Extraction service provides a list of significant words or phrases extracted from a larger content. Returns a List

Output: supressed
   context: string, required, context - a body of text to extract keywords from
   query: string, optional, query

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