Image Effects Component for ColdFusion 8's CFImage Tag

Foundeo's Image Effects Component for CFImage makes adding effects like reflections, drop shadows, gradients, sepia tone and rounded corners a snap.
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example showing image to rounded corners to mirrored effect

Included Image Effects

The following effects are included in the CFC CFImageEffects

photo effects slides

Gradient Filled Rectangle Effect

The gradient effect is a drawing function that creates a gradient filled rectangle based on the colors you specify.

Reflection Effect

The reflection effect has become a popular staple of modern web design thanks to Apple Computer. This effect is seen in several Apple applications including iTunes and the iPhone. The reflection effect makes the surface under your image appear glassy and shiny. You specify the background surface color.

Rounded Corners Effect

Adding rounded corners is a great way to make an ordinary photo look better. This function will take a photo or picture and round its corners.

Drop Shadow Effect

Drop shadows are another great way to make a photo stand out. A shadow is added to any image you pass in.

Sepia Tone Effect

Sepia tone is a great effect to apply to photographs. It adds similar artistic effect as grayscale does to a photo, however it uses brown and yellow tones.

Plastic Effect

This effect adds a plastic look to your image.

Darken & Lighten Effect

Sometimes you just want to make a photo darker, or lighter - we have you covered.

CFImage Effects Component Quick Reference

Function Name Arguments
drawGradientFilledRect (imageObj, x, y, width, height, startColor, endColor, gradientDirection)
applyReflectionEffect (imageObj [, backgroundColor, mirrorHeight, startOpacity])
applyPlasticEffect (imageObj [, backgroundColor, startOpacity, endOpacity])
applyRoundedCornersEffect (imageObj [, backgroundColor, cornerSize])
applyDropShadowEffect (imageObj [, backgroundColor, shadowColor, shadowWidth, shadowDistance])
brightenImage (imageObj)
darkenImage (imageObj)
sepiaTone (imageObj)

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System Requirements

ColdFusion 8 or greater.

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