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Is Your ColdFusion Server Secure?

We've helped secure over 10,000 ColdFusion servers. Hundreds of organizations use HackMyCF to improve and monitor the security of their ColdFusion, Lucee & Railo CFML servers.

HackMyCF scans for more than 100 security issues!

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What do ColdFusion experts say about HackMyCF?

How does it work?

We make a series of requests to your web site looking for the absence of security hotfixes. This tool will place a very small amount of load on your server. None of the requests we make will compromise your server.

We also have an optional cfm file that you can place on your server to allow HackMyCF and your server to exchange additional information.

Need Help Securing your Server?

Contact Foundeo Inc. We can help you apply the necessary ColdFusion hotfixes, configure the ColdFusion administrator, and more.

We also have some other products you may be interested in: FuseGuard - a web app firewall for ColdFusion, and Fixinator - a coldfusion code security scanner. You can purchase FuseGuard and Fixinator along with in one package we call the Foundeo Continuous Security Bundle. Signup Here!