The FuseGuard Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion & CFML is a high performance, customizable engine that blocks various attacks against your ColdFusion applications.

FuseGuard Server License

$999 / server


FuseGuard Enterprise License



FuseGuard Trial Version


Getting Started with FuseGuard

It takes only 10 minutes to get started.

  1. Copy the fusegaurd folder on to your server
  2. Edit the configuration file to determine which types of attacks you want to block or log.
  3. Add a few lines of code we supply to your Application.cfm or Application.cfc file

How does FuseGuard work?

FuseGuard inspects requests before your CFML executes (typically in onRequestStart of an Application.cfc). If FuseGuard is able to determine that the request is malicious it will log or block the request from continueing execution.

FuseGuard looks for several types of malicious requests including:

Note: although web application firewalls like FuseGuard can block many types of malicious requests it is impossible to acheive 100% security. We strongly enoucrage you to review your code for security vulnerabilities & remediate them in the source code.

System Requirements

We support the FuseGuard on the following CFML engines:

Using a database for logging is not required (you can log to file or email), we currently support these database platforms:

FuseGuard should also work on most shared hosting environments.


There are three standard licensing options, however if you have a licensing need that doesn't fit within our model we would be happy to work out a custom quote.

Here are some frequently asked licensing questions:

Can I upgrade my Application License to a Server License?

Yes, you can upgrade for the difference in price, $650. Add to Cart

Does the Server license cover multiple ColdFusion instances?

Yes, the server license covers an unlimited number of FuseGuard instances on the same physical server. This includes multiple Applications within a single ColdFusion instance, multiple applications on multiple instances of ColdFusion (on the same physcial server), and multiple instances of ColdFusion on multiple virtualized servers (running from the same physical host computer)

What constitutes an Application?

An application is defined as a single Application scope. If you have multiple Application.cfc/cfm files that all share the same application scope, they are considered to be a single Application. If you have a special scenario, please contact us and we'll let you know.

Do I need to purchase licenses for Development, Staging, Testing Servers?

No, a single FuseGuard license may be used on unlimited non-production servers, including development, staging, testing / qa, backup, hot-standby.

Customizable & Configurable

Because the firewall is written in ColdFusion, you will find it very easy to extend, and configure. Other firewalls have domain specific languages you need to learn in order to configure them properly. You already use CFML why not use that to configure your WAF.

You can also write your own custom filter in CFML that runs inside the firewall.

Checkout the Documentation and CFC API Reference

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